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Our identities are complex and messy, yet powerful. They can empower us as much as they can impede us. This session will enable us to think critically about the power in our identities. Come hear from classmates about their experiences and participate in an interactive exercise around how different elements of our identities shape our choices and life outcomes.

4:30PM (JMHH 340) Split identities: You vs. YOU

We all emphasize and mitigate different elements of our identities depending on our contexts, but how do we decide when we should reveal which parts of ourselves and when, if ever, we should down play certain elements of our identity? In the spirit of One Wharton Week, AAMBAA, WHAMBAA, WAAAM, and ROE are hosting an event to discuss our split personalities Professor Stephanie Creary from the management department will facilitate a panel discussion on how our multiple identities manifest themselves in different settings (e.g., work vs. home vs. school).



12:00PM (JMHH 340) Machine Learned Bias: Bias in Algorithms and How They Impact Life-Altering Decisions

Machine learning is everywhere - but how does it actually impact businesses and the lives of those around us? Join Professor Berk for a discussion on algorithms, machine learning and the various ways bias creeps in. A statistician by trade, Professor Richard Berk, a professor in the Wharton School and the Department of Criminology in the School of Arts and Sciences, is an expert on predictive analytics and has designed crime prediction software to help anticipate when people on probation, or on parole, are most likely to commit murder or be murdered. Using machine-learning models, computers can help determine which individual profiles are associated with a particular level of risk. Our discussion will begin by understanding how machine algorithms can learn bias and end by understanding how we as business leaders can apply these lessons to the algorithms used by companies such as Amazon and Google.

4:30PM (JMHH 340) Ask me anything: I Want To Talk About My Faith

Discussing personal faith openly is rare in the US today, particularly as individuals struggle to make sense of their own spiritual identity within a particular belief system. Organized religion is often represented as a monolithic force--sometimes for good and sometimes for evil. We will step away from looking at different faiths as monolithic entities, and instead seek to learn from the personal religious experiences of our peers. Come hear your fellow classmates from 6 different religious backgrounds discuss their belief systems, common misconceptions of their religion, evolution of their beliefs over time, and what kind of religious environment they've found at Wharton.



12:00PM (JMHH 340) The Business of Equity

How are leaders of institutions evolving their thoughts and practices around diversity and inclusion, especially as it relates to business strategy? How do they build a pipeline to create a diverse workforce? And once within an organization, how do leaders continue to engage employees from diverse backgrounds? Come hear from: Dean Howard Kaufold (Wharton MBA Program), Cynthia Bowman (‎Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Bank of America Merrill Lynch), and Terri Cooper (US Chief Inclusion Leader, Deloitte) on a panel moderated by Prof. Stephanie Creary.

6:30PM (2401 Multipurpose Room) Movie Screening: Get Out

Come join us as ROE and the Media & Entertainment Club host a movie screening of the acclaimed film "Get Out." This horror film artfully blends scary moments, comedy, and social commentary into a piece that has now earned 4 Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture.



Thursday 2/15

12:00pm (JMHH 340) Understanding consent: Let's Talk About Aziz Ansari

At the height of the #MeToo movement, a story broke about Aziz Ansari that prompted many of us -- both men and women -- to reflect on our own experience and how we define consent. Join us for a candid conversation among both male and female peers exploring how we can all learn from the Aziz Ansari controversy. We will also be joined by an expert on enthusiastic consent.


throughout the week

ROE Supper Club small group dinners

Join us for a small group dinner if you would like an opportunity to learn more about the various topics we are covering during the week in a smaller setting. ROE will be covering subsidizing attendees at these dinners. 

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